Revolver's walls feature numerous permanent works by renowned and varied artists such as Above, Aida Sabic, Banksy, Cam Scale, DFace, Does, Herakut, Shepard Fairey (Obey), Dabs Myla, E.L.K., Insa, Perks, Chris Johanson, Reas, Brendan Huntley, Doze Green, Mark Bode, Peaches, Todd James and James Jarvis, Raph Rashid, Itch, Kano, Poise and The Serps. Spaces not already dedicated to permanent artwork are frequently utilised for temporary exhibitions and installations which over the years have featured artists including Mesk, Wuz, Meant, Charlie Tuna (Jurassic 5), Duckpond and Constanze Zikos.

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Positioned prominently at the Back Bar is Revolver's feature poster wall. Stretching from floor to ceiling, the wall is permanent 3.8 x 3.4 metre space dedicated to showcasing individual works monthly from a wide range of local and international artists.


Able & Game, Aida Sabic, Attiba Jefferson, Atong Atem, Andre Beato, Andre Castalucci, Anna Blandford, Anthony Lister,Beci Orpin, Brandon,  Allen Bolmer, Brendan Elliott, Brendan Huntley, BURN Crew, Cam Scale, Che He He, Chrysa Koukoura, Clinton Hayden, Creature Creature, Dabs Myla, David Russell, Don't Sleep Magazine, Drewfunk, Duckpond, Duncographic, Dylan Martorell, Dvate, Eine, Flake, Fort Heart, Franki Chan, Greg Craola Simkins, Ha-Ha, Itch, Jess Johnson, Jonas Marnell, Kano, Karl Stanton, Kelly Gilleran Art, Kid Monkey, Kill Pixie, Kyle Hughes-Odgers + Sean Morris, Land Of Sunshine (Slicer), Liam Snootle Art, Luka Va, Luke Lucas, Mark Drew, Mark Fitz, Mark Godoy, Mark Rodda, Martin Bell, Marian Machismo, Matt Goldman, Melissa Butters, Michael Danischewski. Monika Ippoliti, Nathan Gray, Nev Schulman & Nick Poe, Nicole Reed, Paz, Pete Hinch, Pheonix, Pie RS, P1xels, Plea & Monster, Porno Graphics, Presto, Ransom, Renee Stamatis, Rhys Lee, Rudin Rashid, Ruskidd, Samson Connolly, Steve Gourlay, The Serps, Tiago Brissos, Smick, Sneaker Freaker, Spidey, Stevie Asquith, Tin&Ed, Think, Tim Everist, Will Philipp And Many Others.
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Brought to you by Revolver Upstairs in conjunction with select curators ‘Seasons of Change’ showcases local and international artists at Revolver's internal and external art spaces. The elements of each event is dictated by the event's artists, however all will feature a large scale mural on outside wall lasting for three months and a one night only exhibition. Limited edition commemorative prints will also be produced for each exhibition. Following the event prints will then be available for sale on the DangerFork online store (if not sold out). For info the next Seasons of Change event (the first Friday of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) check out the link below: 


RD Crew (Shem x Jors x Prowla), Cam Scale & Aida Sabic, Sabeth x Frame (Emphatic Heiroglyphics), Frost x Ulcer x Pnoid x Mayonaise, Safehouse Studio, SDM, Plain MRS, Fresh Ones (F1 crew), Down By Law (Paris x Peril), Duke x Marine x Stopem, Putos x Kid Silk, Sfary x OG23, Flies Crew, Nemco Uno x Dizzy Hizzy, Names Of The Game (group show), Dvate x Akuze x Askem xSage x Inpac x PkUe, Till Next Time (group show), ACM, Straight Up Characters.


In collaboration with Just Another Agency downstairs in the highly trafficked smoking yard of the venue features work by local artists. Each work has a brief (but happy) life, featured for three months before a new work is installed. Artists that have painted the wall include Kaffiene, Eleven, Kirpy, Gary Seaman, Taylor White, Ladie Killerz, Unwell Bunny, Mysterious Al / Penfold, Dirty Bandits, George Rose, Justine McAllister, plus more.